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Monday, 14 November 2011

Back online....

I called Talk Talk about 2 weeks, trying to find out why I could only get online half the time. After navigating their sales team I got put through to a technical advisor. I spent over an hour going through various possibilities .... then the phone went dead. I called back, and after resisting a new upgrade to my service (which would cost more), I was put on hold.... for 20 minutes.... until finally being put through to.... a customer service questionnaire! I answered the questions thinking that it might help me get through to an advisor, but instead the line went dead. I called back the next day, and after going through the same tests and procedures as the day before, I was told I needed a line test. This test was to be done over the phone and was booked for the following afternoon. The next day I was asked to test the router in a different socket. Unplugging the router though meant also unplugging phone, so the call connection was broken. They didn't call back. I plugged the router back into the old socket, but now there was no internet connection at all. I called again the next day, and after going through the same tests and procedures as the days before, I was told it was probably the router. I could get a free router if I upgraded my service.... etc..... etc..... etc......
I'm now back online with a new router, but it's the same shitty, half-working connection I started with.

Here's an old strip :