Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Alternative Press Fair

Well, last Sunday's Alternative Press Fair was a success by any standard... vibes, friendliness, people, good art, comics & zines, and decent sales for most exhibitors. Enormous thanks to Jimi Gherkin and Peter Lally for making it happen. And thanks to everyone who helped (and continues to) spread the word.
I was looking around for reports and comments on the fair, only to find they'd been collected already by the anonymous Bugpowder Interviewer :

Wes White's report, David O'Connell's report, Sarah McIntyre's report, Some sketches (there were too many things to buy apparently). A photo of and short blog post about Vivianne Schwarz's haul from the fair. Tom Hughes' report. Zarina Liew's thanks attendees.

And here's some more:

Shellsuit Zombie's report.

Dan Locke's report.

Lenny's report.

Down The Tubes mentions the proposed Alternative Press Anthology, and you can get the full details on that and everything else back on

More photos coming soon.

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