Friday, 8 May 2009

Comic Shops Of Paris

I spent last Saturday being blown away by the amazing comic shops of Paris...
Starting with this place (which I think was called Vendor ICI), in the St Michel area of Paris, and whose large first floor was packed with comic albums.

Just one minute down the road is the large Gibert Jeune bookshop, of which half of the ground floor is given to comics (see below)!

And a just little further on is the great Aaapoum Bapoum... and there are many, many more shops like these in Paris.

And get this ... in the Jourdain area where we were staying, there was a pub that had a comics library and comic art on the wall. People sat with a drink and read comics. Magic!


joedecie said...

Any recommendations, book wise?

Richard Cowdry said...

I just picked up a couple of books by a guy named Cailleaux ("Le Cafe du Voyageur" and "Harmattan"), but there was so much other stuff that looked interesting, and mostly by artists I hadn't heard of.

Anonymous said...

The first shop is in fact named Boulinier. "Vendez ici" is the french for "you can sell here", cause it mainly sells second hand books, CDs and DVDs.