Monday, 21 September 2009

Crumb's Genesis round up

Now expected in mid October, although some people (like retrocrush) have said it'll ship before the end of September.

"As I noted in my Bookforum review, one way to appreciate the awe-inspiring craftsmanship of Crumb’s The Book of Genesis Illustrated is to pay attention to his handling of the translation." - from Jeet Heer's informative article Altering Alter: Crumb & the Translator on Comics Comics.

Boing Boing has a preview video of the book as well as a sneak peek of Chapter 19 .

R. Crumb's Genesis, Heavenly or Heretical? (

Crumb's desk while working on Genesis, and Peter Poplaski tells how he helped research visual details for the book.

"It took R. Crumb to get me to read the Bible."

Amazon UK still has the book available for pre-order at £11.39, which seems reasonable.

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