Monday, 23 November 2009

Mawil and Trondheim in Glasgow this Wednesday

From Forbidden Planet's blog : "This week in Glasgow there’s a rare chance to see and hear two highly acclaimed comics creators from the European scene, with Mawil and Lewis Trondheim appearing in the city’s Goethe Institut (in conjunction with the Alliance Français) on Wednesday 25th November at 7pm. The evening will be chaired by cartoonist, publisher and lecturer Marc Baines; from the description: “Both will give short presentations highlighting the influence of ‘ordinary’ life, daily routine and everyday concerns which characterise their work. How do they manage to illustrate everyday life stories on transforming the ‘mundane’ into exciting and interesting drawings that draw their reader into their books, and how important is the text?“ There will be a display of both creator’s artwork and some of Mawil’s books will be available to purchase (Mawil, of course, has had two collections translated into English and published by Blank Slate, We Can Still Be Friends and Sparky O’Hare)."
There's also a workshop. Cool!

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