Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Uncle Funny Bunny and Chumpy

Cartoon Brew thinks this may be the worst comic strip ever created :

"Admittedly it’s aimed at children, and produced in the more innocent era of the early 50s. But the consistently corny gags, the awful stiff artwork… surely this takes the prize. Unless one considers the Weekly Reader’s back up strip: Loki, Your Fuzzy Forest Friend."

I kind of like it myself. I'd say there are thousands of worse comics than this out there! There are more samples here.


Hurk said...

I reckon even if it is awful, the foggy greys and 'one other colour'printing save it, if just for nostalgic reasons. 'NEMI' that runs in the metro 'newspaper' is easily as corny as this. (sorry Nemi creator!)

steve said...

so crap, love it. why do they only use colour on his trousers?