Saturday, 6 February 2010

Glenn Head on the Underground Scene

Copies of Hotwire Comix no.3 should be crossing the North Atlantic about now (Hotwire 3 and the Newave! mini comix collection appearing in the same month!! Wowee!), but in the meantime, here's a nice write up of an interview with Hotwire editor Glenn Head :

With new work by the likes of Johnny Ryan, Max Andersson, Sam Henderson, Stephane Blanquet, Doug Allen, Michael Kupperman, Mack White, and Jeremy Onsmith, Hotwire 3 is certain to deliver the psychic jolt it promises. There are page previews on the official site.

Listen out for the cat howling in this film:


Mike Baehr said...

That's my kitty. Sorry I couldn't figure out a way to mute the video.

Richard Cowdry said...

Actually, I watched it a few times, just to listen out for your cat.