Sunday, 11 April 2010

Dave's Comics

I set out yesterday with one aim : to buy the new Hate Annual. After weaving in and out of the hipsters in the North Laines, I finally discovered that Dave's Comics in Brighton has had a groovy new makeover, and is now on two floors! This made the experience of buying a new Peter Bagge comic even more pleasurable.

The best comic shop in the UK? Quite possibly.


Joe Decie said...

D'you know I walked past on Friday and only went to the discount shop two doors down. Still, grabbed some bargains.

Richard Cowdry said...

I've picked up many bargains there myself, but I'm out of the habit of going in there. Once I picked up all the Walt & Skeezix books for £5 each, plus some other great newspaper reprints. Someone beat me to Terry & The Pirates though!