Friday, 21 May 2010

Some Robert Crumb Sketchbook Pages


the firmament said...

He's just a cut above the rest - I don't think he's an intellectual, but just overall he's got something to say, his drawing is interesting, the ideas are interesting. And that he's hardly (that I've seen) done a bad strip in 40 years or so, with continuous output, amazing consistency. The No. 1 Comix artist to date?

Richard Cowdry said...

He's got the knack for this cartooning stuff alright. I'd recommend you read some of his interviews; he's got a lot to say on most subjects, and he's entertaining to go with it. Plus he can go into more depth than he does in live appearances. In terms of both work and being a colourful personality, he probably is the most interesting artist to come out of comics.