Monday, 7 March 2011

El Vibora

This is the cover to El Vibora issue 1 from 1979. El Vibora (The Viper) was a long-running and influential Spanish underground and alternative comics magazine. This first issue features reprints of US artists such as Kim Deitch, along with French cartoonists like Petillon, and Spaniards such as Max and Martí. The highlight for me though is the first chapter of Las Aventuras De Anarcoma, by Nazario, who also drew the cover.


el tio berni said...

Best Spanish comics magazine ever, and I should know, I'm from Spain! Kind of our RAW.

Krent Able said...

This looks great..any chance of posting some of the cover story?

Richard Cowdry said...

I put up the first 5 pages. You can actually get an English translation of the story (probably an ebay job):