Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mome to finish....

Oh, maaaaan ... very sad news!! This was probably my favourite comic/book of the last few years, at least since issue 11. I actually wondered if I was losing interest in new comics, but through Mome I was introduced to Dash Shaw, Olivier Schrauwen, Noel Van Sciver, and many more great artists. Plus it was quarterly, inexpensive, and easy to find! Amazing! Eric Reynolds deserves so much praise for getting it to issue 22. I just hope something will come along to fill the void, but who else would have the resources to do it? I guess I'd rather have Mome put together by a series of guest editors, or see it come out less often, than have it disappear, but, ah well.
I'm pretty sure Mome will come to be seen as the most important anthology of it's era.
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Hurk said...

That's a shame! I can't say i bought it all the time but i would buy it every now and then and sometimes i picked up a shit issue but it was pretty nice usually and Ollie Schrauwen's ( with the guy in the wheel chair was possibly the best comic ever made. I can't believe a book like MOME barely does more than break even- that's a sorry state of affairs.

vollsticks said...

It's fucking devastating, innit? Wondering if we'll see the end of "Nothing Eve" anytime soon...Mome brought some great talent to the fore as well as great stuff from more established cartoonists-I mean-new Al Columbia?!??! That Oliver Schrauwen comic WAS pretty cool, I know it's been said a lot but 19 was the best issue as a coherent package.
I first bought issue 10, the one with the cat on the cover, then bought a couple more and pretty soon got 'em all...14 was a shit-hot issue, too, with that lovely Lille Carre story...{sighs nostalgically}