Monday, 13 June 2011

Recent Events

I had an interesting evening last week - I took part in a discussion of the Slovene Comix Scene at Orbital Comics in London. This was part of The Stripburger Talks which Ellen Lindner has organised, and which has involved various talks, workshops and panel discussions. Last Monday's panel was Stripburger In Context, and involved Paul Gravett interviewing Stripburger editor Gasper Rus, and UK Stripburger artists (including me). It was an interesting night (photo by Sarah McIntyre).

I've been fairly busy recently. Two weeks ago saw the release of The Comix Reader issue 2, which is the tabloid comics anthology I edit. I was out just in time for The International Alternative Press Fair - just about. The pages went to the printer (in Yorkshire) on Wednesday afternoon. It was printed Wednesday night, picked up by the delivery company on Thursday, and arrived in London on Friday, in time for the fair on Saturday!
The comic is a 24-page, mostly full-colour, tabloid featuring the coolest, funniest, & weirdest UK cartoonists. More info here :
There is a launch party for the comic on Wednesday 22nd June at The Miller Pub near Kings Cross. Also launching are Gareth Brookes' The Black Project issue 1, and Static Revolver issue 2 by Hurk and Kevin Ward. The launch starts at 6.30, continuing until closing time.

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