Monday, 1 August 2011

1975 "Famous Cartoonist" Button Set

"Pinback Jack issued this "Famous Cartoonist Series" of self-portrait buttons back in 1975. All of the participating cartoonists were alive and created self-portraits specifically for this button set. With very few exceptions, the images have not appeared elsewhere in print. The buttons were distributed by Krupp Comic Works and Phil Seuling. This set was originally announced as 52 buttons, and the alphabetical numbering reflects that. However, two artists (Neal Adams and Rick Meyerowitz) turned in their self-portraits late, after the first 52 had already been designed. They were included in the set, but numbered 53 and 54 respectively, out of alphabetical sequence."
Found here (where there's also nifty bios of each artist):

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Hurk said...

Shit, I wouldnt mind wearing any one of those- and i don't wear badges!
It would be funny to organise a 'modern underground/small press UK'(but still call it 'Famous Cartoonists') series!