Saturday, 20 December 2008

Let's You and Him Fight

I finally got the notice from Amazon that my Popeye Volume 3 has been dispatched. It's no exaggeration to say I've waited my whole life to read this strip... and I haven't been disappointed.

Nick Gazin at Vice Magazine puts it best :
"Popeye is great. Some people only know him as a theme song or a shill for the spinach industry, but Popeye was edgy when it came out and it's edgy now. Popeye inhabits a world of greedy opportunistic jerks in which his ability to beat the shit out of anybody is the only justice. He beats up the bad guys and sometimes his friends accidentally. I wish I could punch away my problems. This book is huge and beautiful, and it contains more comics than you'll be able to read for a while. Its subtitle is "Let's You and Him Fight," which would be awesome words to have tattooed on your body, or just to repeat in your head a bunch of times."

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