Friday, 19 December 2008

Stripburger 48

I'm looking forward to reading the new issue of Stripburger. Issue 47 was a very strong collection, and really opened my eyes to European comix. Well, I don't know about the more conservative publishers, but certainly amongst the alternative artists it seems there's a lot of interesting work being produced. It's refreshing to read comics with a genuinely adult sensibility, and with a bit of spark and independence. I'm not sure how well it's distributed in the UK though.

"The 48th issue of Stripburger features two special sections.

The first one introduces us to Dongery, a group of comics artists from Norway (Bendik Kaltenborn, Flu Hartberg, Sindre W. Goksoyr and Kristoffer Kjolberg).

The second sections reveals one of the youngest comics scene in Europe - that of Latvia (Anete Melece, Kaspars Groshevs and Ingrida Picukane). Also in the focus of this issue is Marco Corona, perhaps one of the most intriguing Italian cartoonists at this moment. Corona was interviewed by Paola Bristot.

Stripburger no. 48 also boasts an unusually high percentage of Slovene authors. Domen Finzgar makes his debut in this issue, while Damijan Sovec returns after a long absence with a series of travel comics. Other highlights of the issue include works by Olive Booger (France), Janek Koza (Poland), Tea Hvala (Slovenia), Gasper Rus (Slovenia) and the duo of Matej Lavrencic and Koco (Slovenia), to name just a few of them."


Emix! said...

Hello there! Have you seen 'Stripburek: Comics from the Other Europe'? It's like the alt-Stripburger. Subversive 'n' good.
PS: I thought issues 1 and 3 of The Bedsit Journal were brill, by the way. (I'm sure 2 is good too, I just haven't read it)

Richard Cowdry said...

Hi Emix
You got me there... I've never seen or heard of Stripburek, but then I'm not sure even Stripburger get's distributed in the UK.
I'm glad you enjoyed the Bedsit Journal (and hope you will like issue 2).
P.S. I love your Strassman strip!

Gavin Burrows said...

Stripburek is quite old now, so may be hard to track down - but certainly worth it! I think it had some strapline like "from behind the rusty iron curtain", and came out about when the dividing line between West and East Europe finally disappeared.