Thursday, 15 October 2009

Bagge News

Oh man, I love Peter Bagge's comics! And this a good time for Bagge fans... as with his recent "Everyone Is Stupid Except For Me" collection of political opinion pieces still fresh on the shelves, there is now news of a whole new original graphic novel, "Different Lives" to be published by Vertigo next spring, the follow up I guess, to last years great Apocalypse Nerd, which was serialized and collected by Dark Horse. This will be the first time I've had a whole book of new Bagge material to enjoy in one go since .... sitting on my bedroom floor in my parents old house, being amazed by the first Bradleys collection. And speaking of The Bradleys, Fox network has just ordered a pilot episode for a Bradleys TV show, while Buddy's more recent adventures will continue in the new Hate Annual, due early next year!

Also, as most people reading this will know, Marvel has finally gotten round to publishing Bagge's Incorrigible Hulk oneshot, which has been shelved since around 2002! It's a shame the story is being portioned out over three issues, but mainly I'm glad it's seeing print at last.

And for those living in the Seattle area, get this : Peter Bagge is actually teaching a class on how to write graphic novels!!

Professor Bagge discusses the above projects in The Backroom, in a 2 part online video interview :

And finally, Bagge answers 20 Questions with Kevin Fagan, while on this page here on the Fantagraphics site you can download a PDF of a Bagge interview from 1993. I haven't read it yet, as I've just discovered it myself!

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