Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Dodgem Logic

From thedailycrosshatch.com : Alan Moore resurrects the spirit of the zine with Dodgem Logic, debuting next month.

Some quotes :

A sort of alternative press?

Well, we’ve tried to resurrect a spirit of the 60s underground papers, but without the look or ambience or some of the oversights. There were a lot of very good ideas that emerged from the 60s underground. It was the first place I heard about women’s liberation – as we used to call it then – or gay liberation. They were fanatically anti-war. Many of their most extreme political statements, such as the fact that sometimes the police kill people, or that sometimes we make deals with dictators and criminal governments that we keep quiet about – these things are pretty much standard stuff of conversation these days and not reserved purely for bearded wild-eyed burbling radicals (chuckles).

Certainly the response that we’ve had to the bits of news about Dodgem Logic that have leaked out has been very, very positive. People seem to have been waiting a long time for Dodgem Logic, or at least what they hope Dodgem Logic is going to be. We’ll either manage to offend nobody or everybody – that’s okay, as long as it’s all encompassing.

You’re writing the lead article in the first issue?

Yes, quite a beefy article on the underground press, beginning with its inception in, surprisingly, the 13th century. I wouldn’t have thought it went back any further than the printing press, but apparently there were handwritten pamphlets that were being circulated amongst the plague carts in the 1200s.

So it’s about the history of the alternative press running up to the modern day. The article’s about six pages long and we’ve taken care to illustrate it with some of the most objectionable bits of the underground mags, just to get us into trouble so we can say we’re starting from the point where they left off (chuckles).

Is doing Dodgem Logic going to slow down your work on the League comics and your prose novel Jerusalem?

I’m just writing the last-but-one page of League: Century at the moment, then I’ll have written all three parts and I won’t have to think about League for another year, at least. I will be getting back on with Jerusalem and the Book of Magic, which are both paused, but I’m pretty certain I can do these things with Dodgem Logic going on as well.

And I’m even getting to do a little bit of drawing again. For the first issue I’ve done a page of comic strip, my first underground comic for about 25 years. I always wanted to be an underground cartoonist, y’know – I just got sidetracked.

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