Thursday, 4 March 2010

Alternative Press Hour on Resonance 104.4fm

From Jimi Gherkin:

Hey guys,

The first of our radio shows on our trip to Angouleme is tonight. It starts at 8pm, is an hour long and features interviews, music and stories from Angouleme International Comics Festival, the largest comics festival in the world (outside Japan!)

We talked to as many people as possible to make some really excellent shows, and in this week's show we have interviews with Philippe Morin, the director of the Alternative space at Angouleme, Russian comics artist Roman Sokolov and editor/events organiser/small press publisher Dmitry Lakolev, German small press publishers TwoFastColour, as well as music from german band The Honeyheads, Russian underground music and french punk band Jack Off live from the Le Dernier Cri anti-angouleme party Angoul-merde!
In two weeks time we will continue with a further installment from Angouleme, including more interviews, music and laughs!
Also, listen out for the recording of what happened when Peter and I met Robert Crumb, and gave him some comics from London's Alternative comics scene!

So, tune in to 104.4fm, 8pm, Thursday 4th March (if you can't get resonance where you are then give us a couple of weeks to get the shows up online...)

Love all round


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