Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Batman intro (1966)

Can't stop watching this.


bird said...

This is an extremely repeatable clip, all the more so because a guy called "godsentyes" posted this comment on youtube:

"Nobody is singing "Batman". It's actually trumpets playing to sound like it. There's a fun fact."

Any idea if that's true?

Daniel said...

My god I hope that is true. It'd make my year...

I love this intro, it reminds me of being a kid and being woken up by my crazy aunt at midnight on a school night to watch it with her on late night ITV.

Hurk said...

I was in my late teens when they used to show it on ITV's 'Night Network', but it used to be on at 'teatime' when i was 5 and this always reminds me of being 5. It's the first show (along with 'Monkey') i remember watching that wasn't technically a kid's programme.
Anyway i too could watch it over and over, the villains marching along then getting lobbed across the screen, the beautiful contrast between the tan brown of the Gotham buildings and the blues of the sky and Batmobile, that little half-drumroll just before the ladies come in with "batmaan!"... i'm not a fan of modern-day superhero films- i think they should all be like this. I'd like to see an x-men film set in the 60's with proper blue and yellow costumes!

Richard Cowdry said...

I can't believe it's just horns - sounds too much like voices to me.

I'd also love to see films made in this style. I remember being excited by the Tim Burton Batman films at the time they came out. Now they seem completely empty and lame. I don't think the modern superhero films will last too well. Give me Lee, Kirby and Ditko over that stuff any day of the week, or the Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson version of Batman (currently being reprinted, and worth checking out - lot's of fun!).

Jeff said...

There's no reason you should stop watching this.

I've heard the "trumpets, not singers" story, but think it's just an urban legend. Sounds like the same chorus who sung the the Batgirl Theme.