Monday, 6 April 2009

Crumb's Genesis is finished

"Robert Crumb has finished the Genesis project. It's 201 pages. He has also finished the Cover, the Introduction, the commentary (for the back sleeve) and also the Map, which will be in the beginning of the book. The book is soon going to production and it's planned to be released this fall." -

From :
"The long-awaited publication of Robert Crumb’s Book of Genesis, an adaptation of the Bible story, which Norton will be publishing in Fall 2009. I had the privilege of seeing some of the pages in France two years ago, and the scope of the work has haunted me ever since. I’m sure the religious right will be all up in arms with cliché horror that a quote unquote “cartoonist” has defamed their sacred cow, but Crumb is taking this work very seriously, and Genesis is some of his best work."

According to The Guardian, the book will be published simultaneously in the US and the UK on 19 October.

A sketchbook page from The R. Crumb Handbook.

And finally, an entertaining Crumb interview with Robert Hughes from 2005, when the Genesis book was in it's early stages.


Malachi Ward said...

oh man oh man

I've been waiting for this.

Richard Cowdry said...

Me too!! I think his drawing is better now than it's ever been.